Three WIP Tracking Software Insights for Manufacturers in 2017 and Beyond

Have your shop floor activities become a frustrating juggling act of manpower, machines and materials?

Regardless of the size of your manufacturing business, continually enhancing productivity is critical to sustaining competitiveness and driving gross profits. Implementing performance improvements involves examining your as-is situation and making necessary adjustments to components such as systems, processes and resources. Having a clear picture into the data of these variables is a critical first step – and this is where WIP Tracking Software can help.

Our highly customizable WIP Tracking capabilities is your powerful, paperless solution to track raw materials, sub-assemblies, outsourced processes, and manpower, providing clear visibility into every step from initiation to completion, with real-time schedule updates and ongoing analysis. With WIP tracking, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Collect more meaningful data,
  • better control and manage material flow, and
  • optimize coordination of all components.

WIP Tracking Software for Manufacturers: Analyzing processes for continuous improvement

Continuous improvement requires detailed data collection and a robust analysis of time, material, method and manpower. With WIP Tracking Software capabilities, you’ll have a complete overview of all shop floor activities, from job initiation to customer delivery, supported by real-time OEE and historical analysis, to promote lean manufacturing and best practices in your production process.

Inventory issues or scheduling conflicts are identified, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments while alerting management to areas for improvement. At each stage of the manufacturing, you can evaluate the efficiency, identify hindrances and initiate upgrades to save time and money as well as meet production goals and customer deadlines. 

  • Do you want a more efficient way to analyze processes and people to develop best practices for continuous improvement?
  • Do you need a mechanism for optimizing the sequencing of customer orders with functionality like Capable-to-Promise and then track your compliance to make sure you are producing against the plan?
  • Do you require a system to gather specific data identification of containers and tags throughout production?

WIP Tracking Software for Manufacturers: Optimizing job sequencing and manpower

Avoid cost overruns and production slowdowns due to scheduling conflicts with our information system that tracks job sequencing and workforce assignments. Our unique touchscreen interface and “Time Slice” technology tracks employee WIP time even when it involves multiple jobs. And by extending your ERP system to the factory floor, you can track overall equipment effectiveness.

Improve your resource planning with our flexible system offering proactive capacity planning that maximizes shop floor scheduling of equipment and manpower.

WIP Tracking Software for Manufacturers: Tracking containers and tags from beginning to delivery

The WIP Tracking Software goes beyond tracking manpower and materials to providing specific data identification of containers and tags throughout the production process, from raw materials and components to finished goods. Inventory Tags created from production reporting can be repacked into larger containers while keeping their individual identities, simplifying inventory management.

WIP Tracking Software for Leading Manufacturers

Forget manual counting or paper-based inventory records—the FACTIVITY plug-and-play keypad collection simplifies the task of recording products, raw materials, and components to providing serialized lot-controlled numbers on demand. Individual production quantities can be associated together as a WIP Lot and assigned a unique and customized ID. Then operators, machines, and materials are tracked against each ID, with a time stamp for each recorded production quantity.

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